Did You Know?

262 million people were affected by climate disaster in 2004, more than 98 percent of them in developing countries.

Global warming and climate change seem to be a growing concern today. More efforts are being introduced to reduce carbon emission and the release of greenhouse gases. The lower consumption of energy reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

LED is the leading energy saving lighting option in the market.

The global climate change is a vital sign of the Planet: Switch To a Greener Lifestyle!


Main Advantages of LED Lights

• Longer Life Span
Up to 50,000 hours
• Energy Efficient
10 times energy efficient and helps reduce operating cost by 70% ~ 90%
• Eco-Friendly
(Mercury Free)
• Lower Power Consumption
With saving of more than 70%
• Low Heat Generated (50º ~ 70ºC)
Lower risk to fire and lower air-con usage
• Durable
Withstands shocks, vibration and high temperature conditions
• Immediate Start Up Time
Instant Brightness with Dimmer function
• Low Carbon Emission
Low energy requirement reduces carbon emission
• No UV Emission And Less Infra-Red
Less damaging to sensitive objects and fabrics

Lumen Maintenance